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Blog Archive December 2012


23rd December 2012: Things have been a little busy this month; magickal initiation ritual intensives on top of the Killing Moon culminating at the solstice means things have been a little hectic.  I have more work later tonight but for now I am catching up with the certificates and admin side and will be sending out the new special offer too.


This month has been busy personally too.  Lots of ballet (I may just have found my perfect shoe and the perfect fit...give me two more classes and I'll be able to be sure!). 


Wolfie came to visit in a personal capacity too...so that was like a bit of a holiday for me as I don't actually schedule days off in my temple work as it's so much part of my life.


The weather wasn't suitable for a shoot...in fact I'm starting consider I was lucky to get the Green Fairy shoot in, in August because it really was the only time it didn't rain this year...still raining now!  Unreal.  I had sort of hoped if the ground froze solid, I'd be able to do some work...but it hasn't been cold enough for that either.  A shame...but I suppose these are the kind of obstacles to pointe modelling you just have to suck up.  But Wolfie and I had a good discussion about projects for the next year...lots of ideas...but I'm really not tempting fate by starting work on one.  We did have an idea for an indoor shoot too...Maniac's been away so I haven't been able to discuss it with him but we may collaborate on a project for this in 2013.  By which time...well...it really must stop raining at some stage! LOL


I wouldn't have had time for any creative projects during December and in November I did a double Killing Moon working too so things have been busy in other ways. 


Hmmm...well...on another note...I am doing a lot of once footed centre work in ballet now en pointe...my strength is really improving and I think this will help a lot with location shoots because finding flat ground is hard...modelling on uneven and soft ground is quite dangerous...so the stronger I am the better.  I should look at things that way rather than what I haven't managed to fit in this year.


Wolfie and me have some plans for some Harajuku inspired work too for Romantiqua Couture...will see how that pans out...we're doing some tests and samples and things at the moment so that's a project that we'll be looking into next year too.


I've watched more anime in my spare time the last couple of months than I have for the last couple of years.  I think it was because I was getting a bit bored with Game of Thrones (7 books fantasy series...the next book is out next year too)...so now I'm bored with sitting about too :D


Exciting too....will be getting my first corset from Orchid Corsetry (I've been on the wait list...but they are definitely worth it!  Bethan's work is amazing).  I'm having a set of corsets made specifically for waist training and the first one to check the measurements is on its way.  It will be a while before it fits (and I have to admit I have always hated having corsets with over a 4" gap at the back...so I may have to suck it up at first while I break the corset it in start training!).  I'm going for a modest waist reduction to 20" (I can tight lace down to 21/22 quite comfortably if the corset is contoured well enough)...but most of the work will be the rib compression so it will take time and commitment for sure.  I think realistically I should achieve it by the end of next year...but I'm having the corsets made so that even when I am that level, they still leave a gap in the laces (for aesthetic reasons...I just prefer to be able to see about an inch gap showing the laces at the back of my corsets!).  So that will be another focal point for 2013!


This is probably the last time I'll be on the main computer until after Christmas now so Merry Christmas to everyone and I hope you have good time! XXX Much love!! <3


And please enjoy this great music video my friend Haruko just sent me too!  Totally Harajuku! <3





13th December 2012: Been updating the promotional albums on NPR FB www.facebook.com/newpreraph


Have been discussing more ideas for the 2013 projects.  I am absolutely certain I don't want to be involved with any modelling work. 


Mama Jane is a great designer and I do love her clothes - the silks and the new organza bustles she is making.  But I just don't have the time to model them and pursue my creative projects at the same time. 


It was a hard decision but in the end I have decided I model for the enjoyment and for the creativity of it.  And what I would really like to do this year is keep the Pre-Raph theme...but combine it with the pointe modelling in a new way.  The PRB used characters from history, mythology and Shakespeare very often for their work...and that is what I would like to do...focus on character based shoots.  In nature as much as possible...but there are a whole bundle of ideas...and even with regard to the manipulation of the images afterwards.


Some of the clothes I wear will be from designers and some will be Romantiqua Couture. And I have some gorgeous wigs by Starla that will be stunning! See picture above/left (depending on your screen resolution) of 'Candyland Dreams'...obviously, if I had a bit of makeup on it would look somewhat more spectacular but the detail is amazing and the quality is great.  I love it! Sooooooooooooo Harajuku! <3


My hair's blonde again...that feels soooooo weird looking at the pictures of it dyed.  But the trouble with the red dye is that it fades so fast and permanent colours are not friendly to the hair.  So I am planning to...use wigs on some shoots....but also to keep my hair blonde and use semi permanents for colouring it.  I am going to use Stargazer for now as it's what I'm used to (once a punk....).  In fact...I think it's about time for my first experiment....well...maybe I'll tidy up a little first.  But I will be getting a few more late nights with ritual work so my sleep is on an 'ad hoc' basis at the moment! XXX



8th December 2012: Having a wonderful month so far…with work and also with artistic projects I have planned and some modelling work too.

I am also excited that my Orchid Corsetry waist training corsets will be being made from this month (and during next month). And I had the most amazing good luck when I contacted Candyland Courtesan about her bespoke wigs and found she was Starla James (small world)…and best best best of all…she had a set of corsets made a while back for a Seven Deadly Sins theme and they were made by Bethan at Orchid…and one of them I totally coveted (it was pink and covered in cupcakes and vastly kawaii). Well, it turns out she still had four of the corsets and was willing to sell them so I will be getting two underbusts and two overbusts and though she’s taller than me so they may not be the best fit, because of the contoured style of Orchid designs, I am certain they will look great! And they were made to a 19” waist. Mine are being made to an 18” as I currently close at about 21” when tight laced. I don’t want to go below 20” but am having 18” made so I can have the laces showing for ascetic reasons.

Also…may have some help with developing new projects for Mayastar and Maya Magickal soon…and new creative projects on the horizon with Wolfie. He’s planning on moving a lot closer sometime in 2013 though he has professional commitments he needs to sort out first so not time for holding of the breath but it will be great to have someone working alongside with the research, study and a lot of the work that I find I don’t have so much time for now. When it comes to attunements and spells I probably spend 6-8 hours a day doing temple work…which means to fit the administration in during busy periods can be challenging. But it means I’ve got several projects for expanding Maya Magickal and Mayastar on hold…new courses, new rituals etc…because I just wouldn’t have the time to get it all done right now.

So I’m hopeful in that regard 2013 will see huge developments in my vocational professional work as a witch and spiritual facilitator…and also am moving in a new direction with the creative work.

There’s nothing for it…I just don’t enjoy fashion modelling at all. If I happen to do a shoot in the clothes or accessories of a designer I would recommend I will certainly promote them…but I am not going out of my and I definitely won’t be name checking or promoting designers that I have any negative experiences with…and it is quite shocking what kind of negative experience you might have…during the summer a whole mess of stuff was going on with certain designers and people connected with them that amounted to what seemed like bullying…I had to contact West Yorkshire police in the end because it was ongoing and the person doing it was ‘stalking’ me online too. Well, this person is a designer and I was warned about them by another designer because they have a reputation for being unpredictable in that way…and as it turns out that very designer who warned me against them ended up in a group of at least 3 (poss 4 – it was not possible to tell but we were tracking the IP addresses of the stalkers and the names and addresses of 3 were known – they had actually ‘ganged up’) people causing me problems. Which all seemed very odd because I am not a designer. I have not modelled for either of them. I have bought from both of them but back in 2011. None of it made sense. I won’t name names because when people act up that way they may be hoping I will so they can sue for defamation or something! LOL…anyway…I didn’t need to name names…a friend of mine who works as an artist so has contacts but I wouldn’t have thought was involved with any of these people, started telling me about it not realising it was me who was the ‘victim’ of the group of them! So it seems their reputation precedes them.

Later, I found others were victims of odd ‘harassment’ – complaints being made about a model I’m friends with - and then I found out a designer was getting either spurious complaints or spurious emails pretending to be complaints (I never saw the headers of these so can’t be sure if it was the same group)…but as people began to talk about it, it became clear all these problems started for people in May – all about the same time. Now that seems very odd. And the only link between us is one was a designer and me and the other model had modelled for that designer. No one is sure if it was the same group behind it all – but jokes abound about the ‘Leeds massive’. It seems to have blown over and goodness knows what it was about or what they intended to achieve (you can’t irritate someone to death…but if you want to damage your reputation you can do it pretty easily because it seems to me models and photographers chat a lot – a lot of people know about this and it’s being talked about and those people who initiated it are going to come of worse because their reputations will be damaged). I don’t know. I guess that serves them right. None of us had any gripe with any of them personally or professionally…and I think none of us really care. But other people hearing about it are liable to think twice before they get involved in any way. I certainly wouldn’t buy from them or recommend them. I’m glad that’s all past though – it was a curious time and no one is any the wiser as to why they may have done it…but it seems to have stopped and let’s hope so. I for one will stop pondering the motivation of these people…there are certain things you just can never know…and trying to rationalise the irrational is an exercise in futility. Maybe that’s how they have fun. Still…as long as it doesn’t cause me any strife they can have their fun however they like…but if they were behind the experiences of the others, they had very negative effects in that regard…and if it was deliberate, I’m sure they can expect a karmic kick up the bum for it!

Thankfully all the items I had made by these designers were to my fabric specifications and with style details specific to my orders – they were bespoke and to be part of my Romantiqua Couture personal collection…so none of the items made by those designers that I may model are ones that they sell in their shops or websites.

Anyway…as well as Ophelia’s Folly and some spectacular organza designs…which will look great en pointe…I want to do much more in the way of modelling Harajuku styles…and also themed projects with Maniac and Wolf…at the moment I won’t even think about it because I am rather to busy with Mayastar and Maya Magickal to put enough time aside to really get my teeth into a creative project. But it’s on the cards for 2013 and I can’t wait!

Oh…one bummer…am having to cut my dance classes down during the cold weather because certain parts of my ballet class that work on strength are really not possible in the cold weather. The studio is way too cold for it to be safe or even effective. So I’ll be doing lots of cardio, some intensive barre work and pointe but working on the strength and endurance side at home. I don’t plan to start the Blue Riband or Grade 5 until it warms up either because when you are learning new dances or steps there’s too much standing around and you cool down fast if you do late lessons like me and it’s sub zero! Hmmm…I may have a look and see if I can work out a longer more intensive programme…it may be possible to keep the hours up and work on different things. I’ll look into that.

Still…that’s another 2013 thing to look forward too…another classical ballet medal to work to and another classical ballet grade to work to.

In fact…all in all it’s shaping up to be a fab year and it hasn’t even started yet :D

I’ve even got my Christmas outfit planned! I’m soooooo on the ball this year :D

Anyway…it has been a hectic one today as had double ritual work to do after triple ballet…then website updates and administrative bits…so I’m just whittering while the site uploads at the moment I think!…and then bath time, food time, Killing Moon time and a few attunements to set up before I get back into Game of Thrones and chill out big time! :D

Happy days! XX <3


1st December 2012: Many double and even some quadruple rituals and spells over the weekend so my nights are pretty busy at the moment (just the way I love it!).


I haven't blogged for ages and in truth I've been really busy...but even with all the busy-ness it's hard to pin point exactly what's kept be so occupied just now.  So I'll pick out the highlights and lowlights and keep you in the mix!


Modelling shoots just haven't happened.  I think after the August ones...once it started raining again in September and didn't stop, I realised it was quite possible that any shoots would be indoor ones.  This was disappointing because the main point of the natural scenery is to capture the contrast between nature and the model...emulating the contrast in Pre-Raphaelite art.  Maniac's been quite busy anyway with his professional work and I've been busy with mine so I didn't worry too much.


With Ophelia's Folly things seem to have ground to a halt...the corsets that were expected  16 weeks ago are now stuck in customs.  This causes Mama Jane huge problems because she needs them to sell them.  But for me, it meant modelling them now meant there were about ten sets that needed to be modelled.  I only model for Ophelia's Folly because the style suits my style and can be worn while experimenting with the artistic side.  But I can't realistically do that at this stage because of the back log - I wouldn't have enough hours to put in to model everything backdated to August because it is just too far behind.  So we discussed it and discussed other options and a new bustle style too...working with crystal organza, in long layers creating a very ethereal look.  Very fairy and very me.  Will look amazing en pointe...but as to when the next shoot will be...I am not holding my breath at this point.


However, I do hope by the time the weather gets over itself I will have some of the bespoke made to measure corsets I am having made by Beth at Orchid Corsetry - I am tending to keep the colours neutral and light because predominantly my look supports that kind of style...and discussions with Wolfie for photographic work, Maniac for photographic work, Wolfie for other art too...next year I think I will change the style just a little....


I had an entire wardrobe made...in the classical lolita style with a hint of sweet lolita...a smidge of steampunk and a helping of goth.  These were all colour coordinated with fashion corsets (cotton and quite lightly boned but very nice all the same!).  Some of the corsets have been upcycled to make colours duskier.  And the clothes I had made by Charlotte Needham (a seamstress and designer from Leeds), I have upcycled extensively...but retained a mix of looks and possibilities...lots of teastaining...lots of pastels and floral designs.  So I am planning to work with different styles more.  Am also dicussing some possibilities with Candyland for bespoke wigs that would suit the upcoming shoots too.


Speaking of...my hair is driving me nuts.  I just can't seem to get the right colour...get a red red enough and it fades in two washes to mousy...poop.  Take a darker red and it stays longer but fades to a darker mousy poop.  I got a couple of wigs and pieces from Wonderland Wigs...their ginger auburn is very plausible and the perfect colour...which sort of gives me an idea of how I need to mix mine up to match it a bit more.  At the moment mine's layered and shoulder length but I'm planning on growing it so now is the time I need to decide the colour I want it to be.  Red fades notoriously fast...I thinking possibly mixing Feria's Amber and Paprika might create the right colour...but the problem then might be the strength of the developer...I think it would need a little more peroxide...so a smidge of blonde.  I'm like a mad scientist...but I want it just right.  I've even got a pot to mix the colours in the next time I dye it :D  Though...becoming a wig fan a bit...the long ginger auburn wavy style will be perfect for Pre-Raph work and I am getting a few pastel ones I can style and fix and mess about with for more contemporary and harajuku shoots.


Other than that...new Grishko Nova's 6.5xx arrived...seem a damn near perfect fit.  I am wearing the Novas in a XXX at the moment.  The high wings are great but the demi pointe broke in fast and I have had to wear some extra gel around that joint to keep a snug fit.  I'm hoping the XX will be the answer.  My teacher agrees of the 2007 and the Nova, the Nova suits my foot much much better.  They appear to have so little difference but I happened to have a brand new pair of 2007s in reserve (in case I break a shoe before a new pair arrives from Russia!), and I go the brand new Novas...so she had a look.  And she agreed, she had thought the 2007s were perfect for my feet, until she saw me in the Novas.  The platform is very slightly wider...the box very slightly less tapers...the vamp slightly more U shaped than V shaped...the satin is double thick...the glue used is latex glue.  But the main difference and what really makes a difference to my extremely bony feet, is the high supportive wings that build up from the box with no ridges.  In the 2007 there s a rigid box...and then a rigid upper box...and the wings.  But the Nova's construction doesn't have those ridges.  And that wouldn't matter for most people but when my feet are extended the knuckle joint of my little to sticks out so far I have to wear gel to protect it but if I slip down in a shoe where there is a ridge, the ridge may dig in below the joint and cause problems.  The Nova eliminates that risk for me...we're just waiting to see if a shoe that breaks in so quickly and well will end up breaking full stop too quickly! LOL 


So...apart from the ongoing quest for perfect pointes...ballet news is all good.  I'm taking mostly 3 hour lessons (late and LOTS of warm up gear).  I usually do an hour's cardio/zumba at the start, some plies, 45 mins pointe, some barre and then some bootcamp exercises focusing on developing the basics (strength, core, flexibility etc).  I am pretty amazed...some things you think will be easy en pointe are really not (fondu en pointe - OMG!) - but one footed releves I could do straight away and one handed at the barre.  I didn't expect to be doing centre work with turns and one footed steps as quickly as I have.  And added to bootcamp is a section for working on turning out while en pointe.  Michelle says it's definitely working - but it is definitely harder than you think it will be!


Other than that...ooh - I got a beautiful teal overbust 20" corset from Beth - it has been worn for a few modelling assignments so was on a huge discount - see pic.  I have bought a turquoise and purple tie dyed fairy layered tulle petti to wear under it for Christmas....it's my 'Barbie in a Mermaid's Tale' look...I'm calling it my Merliah corset :)


So...all in all much to look forward to.  Lots of creative projects lined up for the new year.  Also will be working with Wolfie to develop some courses for Mayastar...something that is a problem now...I have lots of time freed up to do the magickal work and attunements.  Even the administration.  Also to keep my own creative work and have other things I do other than my work...but it is at the stage now where to further develop Mayastar and to do the additional administrative work I will need to work with someone.  Wolfie and I are very close.  We work together magickally and spiritually as well as artistically.  He has the knowledge and the skills for that matter (he's a great writer and a touch typist too)...so I am sure this will help things develop further for Mayastar and Maya Magickal in 2013 too. 


Also...my corsets are being made from mid December...so much measuring and working out proportions in the meantime.  But work in earnest for waist training will start 2013...and the new corset style will change the look of the modelling images quite substantially I think. Not to mention the fact that wearing Grishko and not Bloch really created a better line for me :)

With so much going on...and the Planetary Ascension at the Solstice...it's a busy busy month with much going on and many good things on the horizon.  I am disappointed that the scheduled shoots got behind due to delays and weather...but in the end it has turned out well because it's meant we've all met up and discussed different options...in the meantime I found Candyland Wigs and also Orchid Corsetry...so the new year will be very new!


Oh...and I'm addicted in my free time (of which there is little), to daily WordJong & Maths Training exercises on my DSi (I'm on level 19 now)...and lots of Anime.  Loved Darker than Black 1 & 2...saw a great short film called 'Five Centimetres a Second' - it's amazing.  Chaos Head was good...good enough that I want to watch it again!  And at the moment I am into Rozen Maiden.  Very dark...the Japanese know just how to give you the heebie jeebies - cute animation, talking dolls...and some crazy dark messed up concept of an 'Alice Game'...I'm going to watch the last episodes before I got to bed this morning.  Fantastico! XX <3  And I'm close to the last book of the 7 of Game of Thrones....that will leave me at a loose end!







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