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Mary Magdalene, Emissary of the


An excerpt from Mary Magdalene’s

Inner-Temple Empowerment Course;

an attunement-based energy healing

courses, channelled by Maya.

Mary Magdalene is an Ascended Master, sometimes called “Lady Master Magda” or “Maria Magdalena”. She incarnated 2000 years ago as the beloved disciple of Jesus Christ (a.k.a. Ascended Master Jeshua). Details of her story have long been lost to the world and are limited to mentions in canonical and gnostic biblical texts that leave an awful lot to the imagination. Was she a temple priestess? Was she a prostitute? Was she a disciple? Was she the wife of Jesus? In my opinion, it doesn’t really matter very much! Her potent archetype transcends her worldly origin! Thousands of people have connected with Mary Magdalene for empowerment, healing and personal initiation; millions have sought her spiritual assistance through prayer and devotion; and Mary has extended her divine love to touch the lives of those that seek her with sincere hearts. She is described in the Gnostic Gospel of Phillip as being Jesus’ “companion”. The word used translates to “partner” or “consort” and a secret doctrine was propagated that she was his wife and that they had married as part of a spiritual or magickal ceremony. This was considered heretical by the church and was suppressed. But it’s interesting to note, she is never described as related to anyone in the New Testament; she isn’t described as a wife, sister, mother or daughter. That’s very unusual for a time when women were considered dependents and treated as second-class citizens. This may lend weight to the idea that she was a temple priestess, a temple prostitute or a secular prostitute as the vast majority of women in society at this time did not have the means to support themselves. She is also described as being the first of the disciples to meet with Jesus after he returned from the dead. This suggests a special relationship between the two – whether it was a marriage or not! Mary Magdalene’s story is often conflated with the story of a woman who goes to a house where Jesus and his disciples are resting. The woman is described as having a “sinful life” and it’s implied that the disciples viewed her with disdain when she went to Jesus, cried at his feet, dried his feet with her hair, and anointed them with expensive, perfumed unguent. This scene is described in a famous folk-hymn by Sydney Carter (an English poet, songwriter and folk musician) which I will share below… Said Judas to Mary, 'Now what will you do With your ointment so rich and so rare?' I'll pour it all over the feet of the Lord And I'll wipe it away with my hair,' she said. I'll wipe it away with my hair.' 'Oh Mary, oh Mary, oh think of the poor This ointment it could have been sold; And think of the blankets and think of the bread You could buy with the silver and gold,' he said, You could buy with the silver and gold'. 'Tomorrow, tomorrow I'll think of the poor, Tomorrow,' she said, 'not today;' For dearer than all of the poor of the world Is my love who is going away,' she said, My love who is going away. Said Jesus to Mary, 'Your love is so deep, Today you may do as you will; Tomorrow, you say, I am going away, But my body I leave with you still', he said My body I leave with you still'. 'The poor of the world are my body', he said, To the end of the world they shall be; The bread and the blankets you give to the poor You'll find you have given to me,' he said 'You'll find you have given to me,' 'My body will hang on the cross of the world Tomorrow,' he said, 'and today, And Martha and Mary will find me again And wash all my sorrow away,' he said And wash all my sorrow away'. However, much as many of us found this story incredibly moving, inspirations and empowering, there’s no evidence that the woman in the story was Mary Magdalene! The story conveys an essential truth; a fundamental, spiritual principle that transcends the facts and historical accuracy. This story may not reflect her history, but it certainly reflects Mary Magdalene’s essence. And it’s her essence, not her history, that’s enamoured spiritual seekers for the last 2000 years! By Anna Louise May (Maya) This article is an excerpt from the “Mary Magdalene’s Inner Temple Empowerment” course manual; an attunement-based energy healing modality channelled by Maya. Mary Magdalene connects you with your power-centre, enhances your creativity and graces you with magnificent, healing love. This course looks at the mystery that surrounds Mary Magdalene as well as the historical accounts of her life. The attunement aligns you with Mary's blueprint for heart-centred soul expression; and whether you choose to dance with her, meditate with her or connect with her for healing & guidance, this empowerment awaken you to the source of divinity that exists within all creation. Use crystals, perfumes, essential oils, plants and symbols to enhance your connection and explore ways to bring deeper meaning to your spiritual practice. 1 attunement. 32 page course manual plus “The Book of Inspiration: Vibrational Medicine, Spirituality & Lightwork” Companion Guides Compendium by Rev. Anna May. Read more about “Mary Magdalene’s Inner Temple Empowerment Course” here…
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